Okay so you all wanted to hear about yesterday…

Heres to the basics before I got my wristband; I woke up at 3am, struggled to find what to wear so settled for a white Christmas jumper, skinny jeans, white socks with black bows up the back of the leg and comfy boots :’) Not going to lie it was slightly Harry inspired from the Ireland signings :’D Anyway, my cab/taxi came at 4.15am and I was taken to the train station. I arrived in Bayswater at about 6am. Got in the queue and I had my wristband by 7.20am.

After that I aimlessly walked around the area, struggling to find any directioners that hadn’t gone to school. Made me feel like a granny in the process. Unsuccessful, I conjured a master plan! I went to buy an A4 scrapbook and coloured pens!

Around about 3.30pm people begun to queue outside HMV so I went and joined. After asking security’s permission I went to everyone already in the queue and explained my idea.

“Hey guys, I’ve started off a One Direction - London Scrap Book to give to the boys today! I want them to know how much their London fans adore them and how much everyone really does appreciate everything that they do for us. Take your own A4 piece of paper, colour it in, write anything you’d like to the boys and leave your twitter / tumblr for me to follow!”

So that’s what we did up until about 5pm. Thinking that it was only half hour until the signing, I had to stop people writing so much. Instead I got my pad and my pen and went around the majority of the queue asking them to leave their twitter to the guys and a short message of appreciation. About 5.30pm I stopped walking the queue line and got back in my place…

6.30 hit the clock, still no One Direction. According to the door man that I made friends with and got to sign the scrap book ;D, they had given out an extra 100 wristbands to make money. This made me pretty angry considering I had woken up at 3am to make sure I could see them and people had turned up 10 minutes before the signing and gained entry. SO anyway, it must have been about 20 to 7 that the boys finally showed their beautiful faces. School girls reached for the ceiling! Don’t think I have ever seen someone jump that high ;|

As the line decreased the boys were getting increasingly closer to me now and I could feel my stomach fall to pieces. I couldn’t breathe properly and everything that I wanted to say them to them must have taken a run and jump out of my ear. Walking past the bouncers the first beautiful face that I was greeted with was Harry’s. He gave me the cheekiest smile and signed my yearbook edition of the album. Sitting next to him was Niall - most people I spoke to said he ignored them - but he looked up at me and smiled giving me a quick hello. By this point the bouncers were pushing us so quickly along the table. A girl that I had met that day asked me to take a picture of her and Harry, as I tried the bouncer got in the way and pushed me down the queue. According to the girls I was with Harry told him that he wanted to hug his fans. Due to this incident I completely missed Zayn. Which let me tell you, I wasn’t best pleased about. So then there was Louis…as Louis…He signed my album and then I called as quickly as I could “I made this for you all today, it has information about every fan in it that turned up today” His eyes opened wide and he quickly flicked through the book and then looked back up at me “You lovely lovely girl” he said before kissing me on the cheek. I WELCOMED DEATH AT THAT MOMENT. The world was at peace, I was floating on cloud nine until I bouncer came and shoved me away from the table. Uh, Liam? Come back.

Walking down the stairs away from the boys was absolutely devastating. It was like being given everything you could ever want for a couple of seconds and then having it torn away viciously. I ran back up the second floor and stood against the barrier opposite One Direction. Everyone was getting Liam’s attention, he waved at me and returned my love heart motion to him. When everyone was silent I called him, he turned around poking out his tongue so I did the same, then he puffed up his cheeks, so I did the same. Then he went to lift his top up and my jaw just hit the floor. He gave me a cheeky grin and then continued to sign albums. Louis looked over a couple of times, big smile on his face and playing around with Liam. Those two were absolutely hilarious. Liam was miming and dancing along to the whole album as it was played as fans walked to the table. We all danced with Liam.

Once the boys had gone into HMV and greeted some other fans I ran around to the back car park. Which after much hassling the police told us that this would be the exits that the boys would be leaving out of. We waited for about half an hour before their cars came out, waving and shouting everyone chased the cars down the road. I followed but didn’t make that much of a conscious effort. As the cars hit the traffic lights, Harry rolled down his window and blew a couple of fans kisses!

I left Bayswater at about 9pm after 18 hours of being awake and returned home at 11pm - I had the most beautiful dreams…